The In-crowd and the choking game


This poem was inspired from the book Choke that was written by Dianna Lopez. The pages are 90 and 91. As the story begins to rise, the protagonist Windy faces a person vs. society conflict.

What was breath-sisters? What was the choking game? In the the book, Choke, the protagonist, Windy, was a very normal teenage girl until this wonderful girl comes to her class. Her name was Nina: she looked nice, she was popular, she was talented. Most of all she was close to the in-crowd girls, which Windy desperately wished to be friends with. Amazingly, Windy becomes Nina’s best friend. She eventually gets to hang out with the in-crowd girls too. Windy continues her whole new school life with her fabulous friend Nina.  However, when Windy notices that Nina was playing the choking game, which they strangled people by choking their neck, she has to decide rather she was going to play the choking game and continue her amazing school life or she was going to give up everything and choose to take the right way.

This poem is based on Windy’s perspective. The questions in the poems are the questions Windy’s asking to Nina, every time when Nina tries to play the choking game. Once she experiments the choking game, she thinks the game is wrong to play. So every time Nina tried to play the choking game Winy struggles not to play the game.

















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