Journal Entry #3

The first prototype we made was based from the booger. In the booger we added guar gum to add elastic/rubbery properties. However, the guar gum only made the prototype to be clumpier, which brought failure to our first experiment.
For the next prototype, we added solid cornstarch to thicken the polymer. The solid cornstarch made the prototype to be less goopy and less sticky. It also added elastic and rubbery properties. When we tried gripping the end of the prototype and letting it fall downwards, the prototype didn’t stretch down and hold its shape. The liquidness of the prototype lessened after adding cornstarch in to the polymer. The prototype also didn’t make dents.
In the next prototype, we added PVA solution, in order to make it less goopy, but more stretchy. This plan partly worked. It made it less goopy, but made it too sticky.
All the prototypes that we made, except for the prototype that guar gum was added, had most of the properties of the booger. It was stretchy and was not very slimy.

Above those three prototypes, we considered that the last two was most close to the properties that we wanted; they both had different properties we wanted. They were both less goopy and had a little bit of elasticity. However, we needed to find the right amount of stickiness because the prototype has to stick to the shoe, but in the same time we didn’t want the prototype to be sticking on to people’s skin. So we decided to divide the prototype to first layers and second layers. The first layer will be sticking to the shoe, and the second layer will be sticking to people’s skin. The first layer will be the third prototype because the stickiness was required for the first layer in order for the prototype to stick to both the first layer, and the shoe. The second prototype we made was used for the second layer. The second layer needed less stickiness but it had to hold its shape in order to fit in to people’s ankle and not leaving any marks.

To make the final design here is the method:
1. Add 15.3g of glue in to the plastic cup.
2. Slowly pour 17ml of laundry starch and mix it with a stick
3. Knead it with your hand
4. Add 5g of cornstarch in to the prototype
5. Knead it with your hand
6. Follow steps from 1 to 3
7. Add 15ml of PVA
8. Knead it with you hand
9. Add food coloring to each prototypes

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