Media testing- Acrylic, Oil painting


In this media testing, we were expected to get use to oil painting. However, before we started using the oil painting, we went through many processes. First, we had to take a photo of our self with good lightings. Then, we had to draw our face on the cardboard paper, using pencil and some portrait skills that we have practiced for our homework. Then, by looking at the photo, we colored light colored paintings on the highlights of the face. After the highlights were defined, we colored the other parts of the face and blended the highlight, and the other colors together. In this piece, we used oil painting (black and white) and paint thinner also, we worked on hard cardboard so that the water doesn’t rip the piece (the paper).  In this media testing, as I stated, I wanted to practice using oil painting because I have never used oil painting before. Through this experience, I learned many techniques when using oil painting. For example, I thought that it is good to make a lot of different color values between plain white and plain black. I personally think that, considering that it’s my first time working with oil painting, I have been successful on creating values on my face. However, there are many parts that I have to improve on such as blending it more smoothly and drawing the eyes.


In this media testing, we were expected to get use to acrylic painting. However, before I started using the acrylic painting, I first took a photo of myself that showed great values and high contrasts. For this testing, we didn’t separately draw our face with our hands, but we worked on top of the photo. Thus, we jumped straight to the step where we painted the highlights of the face. Then we colored in all the other places, blending the two colors and making it smooth. The last part that I drew was eyebrows and my eyes because if they were painted the first, then it would be covered by the colors of the skin. For this media testing I used acrylic paint and water on a thick cardboard. Comparing with oil painting, acrylic painting was more easily dried, and it was hard to blend in colors. So in order to make the painting look more smooth, you have prepared various colors that have different darkness. Therefore, in this media testing I have practiced making many similar colors with various darkness. However, my painting didn’t turn out successfully in making a smooth, cohesive painting and also there weren’t much values on the photo, so the painting didn’t look much realistic. However, what I did good during this practice is that I have made the nose look a little bit more smooth and realistic than other parts of my face.

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