Spring Break- Flowers


In this assignment, I have tried to work in a style of another artist. So I found a very simple artwork from the internet, and I decided to work on the style of that artist. When I saw all the similar-styled artworks, I have realised that although there aren’t many complex drawings, and there’s more of geometric shapes, it all conveyed different moods. I realised that the colour, the amount of the shapes and how many round/sharp shapes there were, determined the mood of the piece. Therefore, I was curious about what kind of mood I will be able to convey and thus, I chose this style of drawing for my assignment. Similar to assignment 1, I have used watercolour pencil and pen. The watercolour pencil left a thick line on the paper, and by using the water I tried to blend in the colour to the areas around it. As you can tell, in this assignment I was practising the skill to express the mood, the feeling way through using basic shapes and simple lines. I think this piece didn’t turn out as how I wanted to be because the mood that I wanted to convey was something bright and joyful, but I realised that it created more of a calm and tranquil mood.

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