Reflection- Portrait

In this project, we were expected to draw a part of our body or the face of ourselves or a person who is close to us (we could focus on the subject’s face, eyes, hands, their body figure and many other parts). And through the portraits of these people, we had to show an intangible aspect of them. Intangible aspect means something unknowable by other people about the subject that, that person only knows. I believe that through this project, people who volunteered to be the subject of someone’s artwork (portrait) wanted to show this secret, unseen features about themselves. For my artwork, I have chosen to draw myself because I wanted to show the unknown aspect about me to people through this project.

In order to have the best artwork, our class and I went through a lot of practising and preparing processes before we started our studio work. In the very beginning, when nothing was planned or sketched out, our teacher asked us to answer some questions that would help to figure out that person’s intangible aspect. Then, based on those questions, we brain stormed our idea. Since this unit had fewer restrictions of how we could express our thoughts, my brain storm ideas were very broad and unclear; I had many ideas which I couldn’t choose from them. However, when I jumped on to the next stage which was finding photo references and developing initial ideas, I had a better plan of how my Final plan will look like. Other than, the initial ideas, we researched some artists’ artworks and created a page of “inspiration images”. This step was required in order to help us to get a more specific plan (considering the color scheme, composition, lines etc). And finally, we worked on our developing ideas and ended with a well thought out final plan.
I have put a lot of effort into this project, and this is proved by the number of ideas I have developed through and how many research I did on the color scheme of my artwork. Not only did I put an effort into my artwork, but I also pushed myself to the challenge. For example, I tried to choose the colors that psychologically conveyed the mood that I wanted to show to the audiences. Moreover, I feel like I have developed artistically such as to think a critical and well thought out initial, developing and final idea.
The intangible aspect that I wanted to convey to the audiences was the feeling of happiness and optimism. This is the intangible aspect that I have, which not a lot of people know, but it is also something that I want to be more; I want to be more optimistic and happy like when I was young. I hope the colors of my artwork support this mood.

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