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Light Painting

Posted in Digital Imagery


Light painting is a technique used in photography. By extending the shutter speed on camera, it could record down the paths lights that appear in front of the camera. The steps to do this is first, increase the shutter speed to the time that you think you light painting would take, and use a flash light and wave it in front of the camera as the camera takes the photo. Important things to consider is that the light will be most visible in a dark room. Even though doing light painting outside could also work, it is very possible that the background will be over-exposed, which could cause the light not being visible. One of the challenges of light painting is considering the place you are painting at. Connecting shapes could be difficult since it is hard to recognize exactly where you painted a few seconds ago. It could also be hard to control the speed you are drawing. Each hesitation could cause the line to be over-exposed, and create vague lines or bright dots on the image. What I enjoyed most about light painting is that I have the freedom to express my creativity with lights and draw or write anything in the time limit. The short time limit also allowed us to have the chance to each try multiple photos in the one hour time of class.


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