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Field Trip Analysis

Posted in Digital Imagery

This is photo of a backyard of a house in the Hutong. In this photo, the main focus is the chair in the house. It is framed my the doorway, and the bright light shining inside give the chair a clear sihoulette. The semmetry of the two lions out side the door adds details to the photo and makes it intersting. By using the rule of thirds, the chair at the cross of the lines it emphasies the chair more. I also used a bit shallow depth of field to have the bush close to me blury. By doing this it does not distract the focus of the photo by having a clear close-up of the leaves. It also tells the story of my self that I am hiding behind a bush when I am taking this photo. I found the color in this photo very pleasing. The red and green color stands out and makes a big contrast. The rest is all white, brown, or black. These color does not stand out, so it helps to emphasis the focus.

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