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Field Trip Reflection

Posted in Digital Imagery

I found my experience in the Hutong is very beneficial for me. I was able to try different ways of taking photos that I would normally not able to do. Because we are constantly on the move, I had to allways focus on my surroundings to find a place that could be a photo. This helped me have better understanding of the difference of the view seen from my eye between the actual photo taken. This also allowed me to be able to taking photos of many different kinds of stuff that I would normally not going to be able to take such as flowers, dogs, boats, strangers, and many other things in the Hutongs. It let me experience what it is like to take pictures in different angles, and how to take a quick or sneak shot of strangers. Because the day we went was a bright day and their are many shades in the Hutongs, I was able to really practice how to change my settings quickly on the camera to fit with the lighting of my surrounds. And in the process of trying, I was able to try many different ways to adjusting the lightings for my picture. So overall, I believe this trip helped me to improve some skills as a photogrsapher to take better picture, observe, and capture moments around me.

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