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Humans of ISB

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1-Student of ISB

Tell me about your dog:
It was on the 11th of November and my mom and I went out to get a dog. There was a really cute dog so my mom got it. I wanted a cat but my mom said dogs are better. I had a dog named Seven so I named this one Eleven.
2-Student of ISB
What has upsetted you recently?
I use to have a cat that somebody gave my family. But 5 years later my dad went to get a allergy test and turns out he is allergic. So we sent the cat away and the cat is in Canada, but now that irresponsible family in Canada can’t keep the cat anymore. So now we are trying to find out how to get the cat back from Canada to China, but apparently the Chinese immigration pet policy is super complicated and a lot dies, which is really dissappointing.
3-Student of ISB – Fiona Chan
How did you get your dog?
I got a dog because I was once sick. I got really sick and I could of died, but I didn’t really care. But my dad told me that if I survive he will buy me a dog.
4-Student of ISB
How did you pet come to your house?
So during Eastern you are not suppose to buy pets because it is evil, but this one baby bought a pet during Eastern but he noticed that he couldn’t take care of it, so he gave it to my grandma who was on the same bus. So my grandma brought it back home.
5-Security Staff
What is your biggest accomplishment?
I think my biggest accomplishment is to have my daughter.

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