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Lamp Design

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In the process of lamp design, first started with researching different kinds of designs of lamps online. Then through making drafts and finalizing my illustrations, I created a 3D model of my final design. My favorite aspect of my design is how it is created in a fish form instead of a traditional lamp form. If I were to take the design further I would use plastic or acrylic to create a transparent or opaque lamp. To achieve the precess of lamp making I believe I need to learn more about how lamps work and how they are made to create a realistic design for making.



  1. sgriffin

    Hi Janet, it’s such a shame we can’t access the Fab Lab right now to prototype your design! Perhaps there will be an opportunity in the future because it’s got so much potential!

    Is it possible for you to add the final poster to this blog post? That way it becomes a reflection on your entire process from start to finish.

    Lastly, thanks for all your effort in this project during a challenging time!

  2. Julio Rios

    Hi Janet,

    I love your fish lamp, very unique.! Do you want to illuminate the whole fish? Or just in the center, or you want to combine with different colors to be a reading light, a soft light, etc. If you need help with the light, I am happy to help you.

    Mr Julio

    Fab Lab Assistant.


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