Above all, Via Ferrata was a trip filled with ups and down. We got to do the water activity and get wet and push people off the raft. On the second day, we got to climb but we only did the first route. The first route was short and fast so it wasn’t as fun. Because of the time, we couldn’t go on the second route but FA did.The first day could have been better if there wasn’t any rain. Because of the rain we couldn’t climb so we had to hike. I think that the hike was a waste of time because all we did was go up, took a picture and went back down. Besides that, the view was amazing and I took a lot of good pictures. The trip was unfair because FA got to do all the activities and complete all of them. Whereas, 8-1 and 8-2 had to do the water activity and climbing activity on the same day so we didn’t have time to do the second route of the climbing. The food in Via Ferrata was not as good so I didn’t eat a lot. However, I brought extra sandwich so I wouldn’t be hungry. To make Via Ferrata a better experience, I think that the teachers should let us decide who our roommates were because some of the roommate was unfair. Next year, I would suggest the new 8th graders to go to Via Ferrata in a sunny day so they would not have the same experience that we had. Other than the bad weather, hike, food, and some of the useless group actives we had to do, I had some good memories.