When you think of the word “math”, you think about addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. However, math isn’t all about that. Math is used in our everyday lives. In our Algebra 1 class, we started a project called ‘ No Bones About It’. In this project, we learned about how forensic equations can help us identify people with their bones. We use the length of their femur, tibia, fibula, humerus, ulna, and radius to predict who they are.

Forensic means scientific techniques to investigate a crime, equation means when two things are equal. In this case, the bones you find and the person you suspect it belongs to equal to each other, and this is a technique you use when you investigate a crime. In our project, the forensic equation is used to identify people with their bones. Forensic scientist uses them to investigate when there is a crime scene that involves bones.

Forensic equations work well because when you are investigating a crime scene and your only evidence are bones. You can find out this person’s height, sex, and whose bones this person belongs to. For example, the show CSI, they find dead bodies with bones. To find out who that person was, they measure all the bones and use forensic equations to find out who it is.

Many possible errors can accrue using the forensic equation. It can happen when you are measuring the bone and the calculations. The common error is because everyone is different. We all have different height, and the ratios are not all the same. So when you are measuring or calculating these problems can happen.

To improve the accuracy of the equation, you have to make sure that you didn’t have any errors. Many mistakes can happen so you need to double check and check carefully. Another way is to have more evidence. When you have more information and more data it can improve the accuracy of the equation.

In the end, I think that this project was a good project to show us that math is used every day and not only in math class. The past few lesson’s helped me learn more about equations, formulas, and linear graphs. Finally, this project was a suitable project for math.

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