In the novel Legend by Marie Lu, the exposition shows the reader a great deal about Day. The way he talks to his enemies and allies is completely different. “I smile. When I first met Tess three years ago, she was a skinny ten-year-old orphan Rummaging through trash bins in the Nima sector. She’d needed my help so much in those early years that I sometimes forget just how much I rely on her now.” (Lu 9) Comparing the relationship with Tess and June, he treats Tess like his sister but June is hunting him down to avenge Metias’s death. “ I will hunt you down. I will scour the streets of Los Angeles for you.” (45) The phone text messages represent, how Day communicates with the other characters in the book, he shows his kindness and caress for Tess and his brother, John, and hatred for June.



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