The cause of the Russian Revolution was the way Nicholas II ruled Russia. He ruled as an Autocrat, a monarch who didn’t have to share his power. The peasants didn’t like him because they were treated unfairly and had no rights, freedom, and land.


On Sunday 22 January 1905, 200,000 workers and their families went to St. Petersburg to Tsar’s Winter Palace. It was called the Bloody Sunday. The march was lead by Father Gapon. They wanted better jobs and a better way of living their life. 500 people were killed and thousands were hurt. In the countryside, Peasants started burning their farms. On June 1905, the battleship Potemkin the Black Sea fleet threw officers overboard to control the ship. The Mutiny was the ones who took over the ship.


In October 1905, Nicholas made a document called the October Manifesto. This meant that Russia could have a Duma. Duma lets people have basic rights and free speech. However, the Revolutionary Parties did not trust Nicholas. Then Nicholas made a Fundamental Laws: ‘ To the Emperor of all the Russias belongs supreme autocratic power” This also meant that nothing changed Duma or no Duma Russia was still going to be an autocracy.