This multimedia blog post was made by using the book “Persepolis” by Marjane Satrapi, the pdf file “Khom_hostages”, and piktochart. I found similarities and differences between the two and picked out 5 differences and 4 similarities.

Throughout the revolution of Iran, there were many events that shaped Iran. Some changed Iran and some were the same and never change. Whether or not if those crisis or events were good or bad, we can’t undo them. What changed in Iran and made what it is today? Now the Iranians are under the Islamic Republic and it is better than the Shah. Many of the people that were ignored by the shah now attend to school, have safe access to drink water, and health clinics. Even though, the life of the people was better some things didn’t change. Unemployment in the country was still a problem, there were many protest, imprisonment and human right violations were common, and they still continued to protest and post things on the internet to express how they feel. All these changes that happen and the things that stayed the same was told differently in the book and in the pdf file. You will be able to learn more about the contacts and similarities between the book, “Persepolis”, and the pdf file, “Khom_Hostages” in the picture above.