Throughout all four journals, you will see that it’s about my life, Lili’s life. From when I was a 17-year-old girl to an old lady who is 56. During this time I wrote 4 journals, and it includes my thoughts and ideas. I started off being a confused teenager, trying to follow her parents. Then I realized that I started liking the Shah more. By then Khomeini came and I was a supporter of Khomeini. Not only do I tell you the story of my life, I tell Iran’s story as well. I explain the different turning points in Iran. The Shah leaving and Dr.Mossadegh coming, Dr.Mossadegh being captured, the hostages from American Embassy, and War with Iraq. These four points changed my opinion of Iran and the people of Iran. This also changed what I thought of myself. When you read all my journals, you will get to know me better as a person and learn the history of Iran, but you’ll also know how Iran and I have changed.


Journal 1

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Journal 3: 

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Journal 4:

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