Month: May 2016

City Tower – Pingyao

The video above is about the City Tower in Pingyao. It includes a time-lapse video and a few pictures of my own. Enjoy watching the video!

Polymer Journal Entry 4

In the beginning, Esther and I were confused and lost. We didn’t know what to do and we couldn’t think of any ideas. First, we wanted to make a polymer that could fit in your eat when you sleep. However, it would be dangerous to put a polymer in your ear because it’s not safe. On April 15, I thought of an idea. I realized that many students bring their phones in class and sometimes their phone rings. It happens all the time and all over the world. I told Esther about my idea of making a polymer that blocks the sound from your phone. Later on, we had class time to experiment on our polymer.

The first prototype was Gloop. We went into another room and used the Gloop to cover the part of the phone that produced sound. We were amazed that it worked on the Samsung, but it didn’t work on the iPhone. Next, we used all the different ingredients and the results were horrible. It looked ugly and disgusting and we regretted making a prototype using all the ingredients. We moved on to making Boogers. Boogers was the same as Gloop and didn’t have a big difference. The only difference was that it had more characteristics that we wanted. Then we changed the ingredients to make it better. We added 50 ml laundry starch, 2 cm of glue, and a few drops of food coloring. We mixed it all together and then placed it on paper towels to absorb all the excess laundry soap. Then we used our hands to make it into a ball. When class was over we put the new prototype in a plastic bag. The next class, the prototype became wet and sticky so we used the paper towel again to absorb the stickiness. Every time we made a prototype we would follow this procedure. In total, we made four different colors for our prototype, blue, purple, green, and pink.

This is when we started making our commercial. I wanted our audience to relate and connect to our commercial so we thought of real life situation. The commercial started off in a school environment and a student’s phone starts ringing. The teacher gets mad and the student is embarrassed. Then the student’s classmate introduces a product called ‘Sinslate’. We have a before and after video of the student using the product. We use this story line and add little bits of information in the video. For example, the price, colors, company’s name, etc. The name ‘Sinslate’ came from the words: Sound and Insulator. In the beginning, it was ‘Sonslate’, but it didn’t sound good so we changed it to ‘Sinslate’. Our company name is ‘Isoler’ because it means isolate in French.  

On the day we presented our product, I learned that the best commercials were the ones that had real life connections and the ones that had the target market audience in the video. For example, there was one group who had little kids as their target market audience. So they had a child in the video instead of a middle schooler acting like a little kid. Comparing from where we finished to where we started was a huge improvement. I learned many things along the way in this project.

The Magical Province

The Powerpoint above talks about the most magical province in China, Heilongjiang. Heilongjiang is known for how cold it is in the winter. When you look through the slideshow, you will see some the natural environment of Heilongjiang, human-created environment, how to move around the province, the negatives and positives, and the types of travelers that should visit Heilongjiang. Without further or due, please enjoy reading through the powerpoint.

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