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Is Being Fat Bad?

The soundtrack above are songs that I picked out for the poem: “Fat Is Not a Fairy Tale” by Jane Yolen. I picked the 8 songs above because I think that they relate to the theme of this poem. The theme of the poem is that there should be more fairy tales with princesses that are round because there’s nothing wrong with having a round body. Many fairy tales have princesses with a skinny and slim body. However, this is wrong. Why should princesses have a skinny body? Fairy tales should express different body types to tell people that body types don’t matter. As you scroll down, you can see explanations for each song about how they relate to the poem’s theme.


All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor

Yeah, it’s pretty clear, I ain’t no size two

But I can shake it, shake it, like I’m supposed to do (Trainor 6-7)

I chose this song because I thought that it related to the poem the best. Not everyone fits in clothing that are size two and that shouldn’t be a problem. You should accept the body you have and princesses should do the same. There should be more princesses that are round 

Who Says by Selena Gomez

 Who says you’re not pretty?
Who says you’re not beautiful?
Who says? (Gomez 18-20)

Many people who are fat or round might think that they are not pretty. They look at princesses and compare their bodies to the princesses. No one told them that they are beautiful just the way they are. If princesses had round bodies more people can relate to them and won’t feel the need of having a skinny body. They will feel better about themselves and have confidence and believe that they are beautiful no matter what.


Secrets by Mary Lambert

I know I’m not the only one

Who spent so long attempting to be someone else

Well, I’m over it (Lambert 14-16)

The world is better if they are more princesses that are round. Little kids look up to princesses. If princesses are skinny, little girls think that they need that body. They will try to be like a princess and look like them. They might think that having a skinny body is normal, but having a round body is not.


Flawless by Beyoncé ft. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

 I woke up like this, I woke up like this

We flawless, ladies tell’ em

I woke up like this, I woke up like this

We flawless, ladies tell’ em (Beyoncé ft. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 54-57)

All girls and women all around the world should be confident with their body. It doesn’t matter what size they are. They should always feel proud about who they are. Sometimes it’s hard because there are things around them that make them feel like they should have a certain body. You should always feel good about yourself every day because you are perfect the way you are.


Born This Way by Lady Gaga

 I’m beautiful in my way (Gaga 12)

Everyone is beautiful in different ways. There’s nothing wrong with what you look like. People shouldn’t judge you by your body so you don’t need to be skinny. Being round shouldn’t be considered bad, it should be a good thing.


Who You Are by Jessie J

Just be true to who you are (J 11)

Princesses make you want to change yourself, but you should never do that. Be who you truly are. Don’t listen to other people that you need to change. Be who you truly are and don’t be someone else.


Hard Out Here by Lily Allen

 If you’re not a size six

Then you’re not good-looking (Allen 28-19)

 Society automatically thinks that if you’re not skinny you don’t look good. This shouldn’t be the way we think. We shouldn’t have expectations for girls and women to have a certain type of body.


Believe In Me by Demi Lovato

 Cause everyone’s perfect in unusual ways (Lovato 12)

Everyone is perfect in different ways. No one needs to change themselves to be called pretty or perfect. You are perfect the way you are. Everyone is different in different ways and that’s what makes you unique. If everyone is skinny, everybody is the same.


Comparing Contrast: Fat Is Not a Fairy Tale & Beach bodies

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 9.40.31 AM

Today in class, I used a Venn diagram to compare two poems, “Fat Is Not a Fairy Tale” and “Beach Bodies”. Both poems have similarities and differences. Some of the similarities I found between the two poems was the message. Both poems are telling their readers that being fat is ok. There’s nothing wrong with being fat and having a skinny body is not always good. You should accept who you are and don’t try to be something else. However, the style of the poems are different. The title “Fat Is Not a Fairy Tale”, is telling us that fat doesn’t exist in a fairy tale. All the princesses have skinny, slim, and fit bodies. The author believes that fairy tales should have more characters who are round. More fairy tales should have princesses that have different body types and a more realistic body. This way, other people can relate to princesses and understand them better. The poem mainly targets girls because little girls look up to princesses and want to be like them. If all princesses have skinny bodies they feel the need of having one. “Beach Bodies” tells the message differently. The title is saying that: a certain type of body that people have at the beach is what people want. Most actors have this body and many men and boys want to be like them. People are insecure about their body and the way they look like. They try to workout and have a beach body. But the author is trying to tell a message that you shouldn’t try to be something you’re not. You should be who you truly are and accept it.


Analyzing Poem: Fat Is Not a Fairy Tale Analyzing

Fat is not a fairy tale

Jane Yolen

I am thinking of a fairy tale

Cinder Elephant,

Sleeping Tubby,

Snow Weight,

where the princess is not

anorexic, wasp-waisted,

flinging herself down the stairs.


I am thinking of a fairy tale,

Hansel and Great,


Bounty and the Beast,

where the beauty

has a pillowed breast,

and fingers plump as sausage.


I am thinking of a fairy tale

that is not yet written,

for a teller not yet born,

for a listener not yet conceived,

for a world not yet won,

where everything round is good:

the sun, wheels, cookies, and the princess.


Title: Fat doesn’t exist in a fairy tale and no princesses in a fairy tale is fat. Every princess is pretty, have unrealistic bodies, and are everyone’s expectation of a perfect body.

Paraphrase: The author believes that there should be a fairy tale that includes a princess who doesn’t have a perfectly slim figure and should be round. No fairy tale created characters that expressed different body types.



  • Diction: Italic words these words that are highlighted tell the reader that the author is connecting the fairytales to “fat”. She uses words that relate to “fat” and adds them to the title of the fairytale
  • Imagery + details:

has a pillowed breast,” This line is a metaphor and showing the reader a physical feature of what a princess should have.

and fingers plump as sausage.” This line is a simile and shows the reader a physical feature of what a princess should have.

  • Motifs:”I’m thinking of a fairy tale” the author is always thinking of a fairy tale that is not created. The same words don’t repeat, but there are many words used in this poem that all relate to “fat”, “round”, and “heavy”. Such as the words underlined
  • Structure: In the first stanza, the first line is about what the author thinks. The second, third, and fourth line have examples of fairy tales changed to titles that are “fat” related. The last three lines is a phrase. The second stanza is the same as the first stanza, but the fairy tale examples are new and different and so as the last three lines. The last stanza is a message from the author and what she thinks should happen in the future.

Attitude: By reading the poem, you can tell that the author is trying to spread a message to the world. She’s saying it in a proud, comical voice. she uses sarcasm. It makes you agree with what she’s proving and changing the way you think of these fairy tale princesses.


Shifts: The poem only has one shift. All three stanza have seven lines. The first two stanzas are similar, but with different titles of fairy tales and different phrases for the last three lines. The last stanza is about what the author’s opinion. She thinks that people should make a fairy tale that concentrates on natural beauty and not people’s expectation of a perfect body.

Tensions: The conflict in this poem is reality and fairy tales. The character’s body and figure in fairy tales are people’s expectations and goals. This isn’t a good example because it doesn’t matter what size you are. You should also appreciate the type of body you have. However, fairy tales don’t give us that message. They create characters with anorexic and wasp-waisted body as said in the poem in the first stanza, 6th line. The Author’s message of this poem is to tell people to make a fairy tale that relates to reality and the real world.

Title: The word “fat” is never ever in fairly tales. It never exists, no one is fat and everyone has the perfect body. Skinny legs, flat stomach, and other expectations of a perfect body. The author called this poem “Fat Is Not a Fairy Tale” because fat is real. It exists in the real world. No one has the perfect body, everyone has different body types. Fairy tales never focus on natural beauty or plus size. Fairy tales only have characters that are skinny and have the perfect body.

Theme: The theme for this poem is: There should be more fairy tales about natural beauty and princesses with different body types. A fairy tale with a round princess. The author, Jane Yolen, gives you examples of fairy tales changed into a story relating to “fat”. She thinks that they should be a fairy tale where princesses are not skinny and has natural beauty. A princess with pillowed breast and fingers round like sausage. Beauty should be considered with different features that everyone has. A new fairy tale that doesn’t exist, not told, no one has ever listened to, and one that is unknown to the world. A fairy tale that is about a princess who is different from all the other princesses and her body is round. If a princess is fat, it’s not bad, it’s better for all the other girls in the world that look up to princesses.




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