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Would You Dare to Break the Law?

Have you ever wondered when is the right time to break the law?

In the book, “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury. The protagonist, Guy Montag, is a fireman. His job is to burn books, instead of putting out fires. “Fahrenheit 451” is in a dystopian setting in which the people living in this society are not happy. Some of the citizens of this society knew they had to make a change, but nobody did anything. Everything changes when Montag takes a chance.

“ ‘ You can’t ever have my books,’ she said. ‘You know the law,’ said Beatty.” (Bradbury 42) During the rising action, Montag’s view of this society changed. After seeing the woman burn with her books, he knew that they must be a reason why the woman would die with her books. “Let’s not quibble over individuals with memoriums. Forget them. Burn all, burn everything.” (63) Once he realized that Beatty was wrong about books and how books were important to our lives, he knew he need to make a change before it was too late. Another well-known novel called, “The Giver”, has a similar conflict with Montag. In “The Giver”, the main character, Jonas, lives in a dystopia society. The citizens see no color and feel no love for each other. Montag and Jonas both knew that the civilization they live in isn’t right and the only way to make a change was to break the law and risk their life.

In Jonas’s society, they believe that everyone should be equal, no color, no love, and no memories of the past. The only people who were allowed to know the memories were The Giver and Receiver-in-training. When Jonas was in training and received many joyful and frightening memories, he learned that the society they live in wasn’t fair. “He felt such love for Asher and for Fiona. But they could not feel it back, without the memories.” (Lowry 135) Jonas wanted everyone to feel love the same way he did for The Giver, his family, and friends. “I’m grateful to you, Jonas, because without you I would never have figured out a way to bring about the change. But your role now is to escape. And my role is to stay.” (162) However, He knew that the only way to make that change was to escape and make the change for the community. Jonas and Montag had the same conflict, trying to save their society, but they had to break the law. They had to make sure it was worth the risk or else they will be dead. Montag had Faber to guild him through his journey the same way The Giver did to Jonas. Faber gave Montag an earpiece so he would know what to say and what to do with Faber’s knowledge. Even though they were planning to break the law and Montag couldn’t tell his wife, Mildred, because it was too dangerous. Jonas had to lie to his family and friends to keep them safe. In the end, both Montag and Jonas decided to break the law and run away. A society that believes in burning books and a community that doesn’t have color or love, needs to be saved. Montag and Jonas live in two diverse stories but have identical conflict with their society.














Love Is an Unstoppable Feeling

This multimedia is about the love conflict between Clary and Jace in the book City of Glass by Cassandra Clare. The main conflict about their love is being siblings. Clary and Jace love each other very deeply. However, they find out they are siblings so they can’t be a couple. A good song that sums up the love story is “Almost is Never Enough” by Ariana Grande. “I’d like to say we gave it a try. I’d like to blame it all on life” (1-2) This line from the song is what happened to Clary and Jace they loved each other and gave it a try, but they stopped loving each other because they were siblings. All the songs show the conflict of their love and what happens in the book.


“Almost Is Never Enough” by Ariana Grande Ft. Nathan Sykes:

“The truth is, everyone knows”(Grande 10)

This song shows the first stage of Jace and Clary being in love. “The truth is, everyone knows” (10) Everyone knew that they both had feelings for each other.

“Photograph” Ed Sheeran:

“Loving can hurt, loving sometimes hurt

But it’s the only thing I know” (Sheeran 1-2)

“Loving can heal, loving can mend your soul” (Sheeran 14)

The meaning of the two lines is saying that love is complicated. This represents how complicated Jace and Clary relationship is. They found out they were siblings so they can’t be a couple. However, they want to be together.

 “Stay” Rhianna Ft. Mikky Ekko:

“Round and around and around and around we go

Oh now, tell me now, tell me now, tell me now you know” (Rhianna 5-6)

This song is an example of what they both want to do. Jace and Clary still have feelings for each other, but they can’t show it because they are siblings. They both want to know if it is a “yes” or “no” for their relationship.

 “Back to December” Taylor swift

 “So this is me swallowing my pride

Standing in front of you, saying I’m sorry for that night” (Swift 10-11)

When Jace asks Clary she said no. After rejecting Jace, she regrets what she did because she truly wants to be with him.

“Just Give Me a Reason” P!NK Ft. Nate Ruess

 “Just give me a reason

Just a little bit’s enough

Just a second when are not broken just been bent

And we can learn to love again” (P!NK 13-16)

The love of Clary and Jace is not done, but the conflict is them being siblings. However, they can be together if they don’t mind other people’s opinion.

“Just So You Know” Jesse McCartney

“I shouldn’t love you but I want to

I just can’t turn away” (McCartney 1-2)

After deciding that they are not together, they can’t stop loving each other. Even when Clary was dating Simon for a period of time, inside her heart she wanted to be with Jace.

“Wildest Dream” Taylor swift

“I can the end as it begins

My one condition is” (swift 8-9)

This song shows what Jace did the night before he was going to find Valentine and kill him. He went to find Clary and he wanted to be with her one last time. “My one condition is”(8-9) Jace’s condition is to see Clary one last time before he dies when he tries to kill valentine.

“Clarity” by Zedd

 “Hold still before we crash cause we both know how this ends” (Zedd 3)

When Jace killed Valentine and both Clary and Jace survived, they found out they weren’t siblings and it was a lie. Even though they didn’t know what to do next the both know how it’s going to end in their relationship.


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