Ping Pong Parabolic Motions

Ping Pong Analysis

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My parabola for this video was based on a Ping-Pong hit. The hit was a positive parabola because the vertex was a maximum and the parabola starts low and shoots up in the air and comes back down. Because the distance travelled was very small, I used centimeter units for tracking the a, b, and c digits. The A digit stands for the width of your parabola. For instance my parabola was slightly narrow, so the A digit was -349.2 centimeters or around -3.5 meters. The C digit stands for the y-intercept of your parabola. For my y-intercept, I didn’t start at the height of the table, but a bit taller. So the C digit was placed at 25.59 centimeters, or around 0.26 meters. The B digit stands for the vertex, or the highest point of the parabola. The shot I made for Ping-Pong was fairly high; therefore, my vertex was pretty tall. My B digit was set at 263.9 centimeters, or around 2.64 meters.


If you were to put that all together in a quadratic equation – which is the equation we will be using to solve the parabolic motion – it would be easier to round up the unit of measurement to meters. Leaving us with the digits -3.5, 0.26, and 2.64. The equation would end up being y = -3.5(t2) + 2.64(t) + 0.26. In this equation we can sub in the time from any part of the equation and find out the y point.

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In our daily lives, there are many different examples of parabolic motions. For example when you drink water from a water fountain, when the water comes out, it squirts in a parabolic motion. The y-intercept being where the water is erupting from, the vertex is when the water reaches the highest point, and the A digit being however wide the parabola of the water is. Another very common example of parabolic motions in our daily lives is throwing and catching a ball. The motion it makes when it leaves your hand all the way until it reaches the other persons hand is also a parabolic motion; however, most parabolas in our lives are restricted. A restricted graph means there is a start and stop that unlike other graphs do end.

A Changed Voice from the American Revolution

Hello, my name is Elias Smith; I’m a 14-year-old young man from 17th century America. Born into a family of British colonists, we migrated to a new country to begin a new life. Currently in Boston, there is a revolution occurring around me. As a young man living through a revolution, my life is pretty great so far. King George the third is such a great leader; he is going to bring this country greatness. In the beginning of this year, I have begun to write journal entries about my life in America, to hopefully inform future readers about my lifestyle. How great life in America will be!

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As always, all revolutions bring change. In the American Revolution, lots of things changed, but some also remain constant. There was a new government system, peace, and independence from the British crown. America started including presidents into their governing ways. The new government kept the continental congress; but because they no longer had one supreme ruler, they made a presidential organization. In the peace treaty between USA, France, and Britain, America received the east of the Mississippi River, south of Canada, and north of Florida from France. Finally, one of the most obvious changes was freedom from under the British rule; nonetheless, just because they had independence and freedom, didn’t mean everyone was equal and received all the rights human deserve. There were still social classes, where rich, white, religious men were put at the top of the food chain, and black people and women were on the bottom. Another racial rule that was kept the same was rights. Black people still didn’t receive their equal share of rights. Also, women didn’t get rights to freedom of speech until later on; but even modern day women in America still don’t have their full rights. Though the American Revolution brought some good change, some things will always remain the same.



Toppling Top Hat of Information

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In this blog post, I wrote about two different styles – textbook vs. novels. I compared the two excerpts, one from Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes, another from “American Revolution” booklet. When comparing these two literary pieces, I noticed difference between sentence structure, language use, and the overall voice the author uses; however, they also have similarities in the way they write. The two passages I picked out were two view points of the Coercive Acts during the American Revolution. The novel is written at the time of 1943, during the second World War. Forbes was born and raised in Massachusetts, so she was very informed about all the events that occurred during the American Revolution. Though written in third person, her writing is written in the tone of a patriot. The booklet quote that I chose was written in a less opinionated tone, and was also written in third person.