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la Premier colonel Empire français

la Premier colonel Empire français, or The First French Colonel Empire was made in 1804, and its first emperor was Napoleon. Below you will find an infographic showing information on the French Empire. I picked this empire because its rich culture, and the striking French architecture, did you know that French is home to one of the LARGEST arcs in the WORLD?

Through this experience, I learnt how to show information in a different perspective, in different ways, and I think transferring worded information into graphs, and images, were challenging.

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Aussie Rainstorms

In Australia, things aren’t always bright and sunny during the summer. The waves are increasing, the clouds storming above. A big rainstorm hit Brisbane yesterday morning, and still is continuing to flood all across the coasts from Queensland to the Gold Coast. Since the rainstorm started, ‘Storm Spotters’ have been scouting out for some new storm clouds that would impact the situation. These ‘Storm Spotters’ have been running all around Australia trying inform the residents before they get caught. As the storm is rolling in, people are running around preparing for the flood that will soon get worse.

With people reading the newspapers and going online and looking at everyday news, in my opinion it is very important to have reports, and updates on these events. I feel like this helps people around Australia, not only to prepare and have caution about the different environmental changes going around them, but also because because outsiders need to be informed so if they had a loved one, or family member, they would know a little about the setting around them. Also this is newsworthy because it affects an incredible amount of people, because when floods hit, electricity can run out, it’s harder to go out and get things, etc. Reflecting on this article, I really think that this is newsworthy.

What I think about this tragic issue is that we need to be more cautious about the environment around us, and the changes that are constantly happening. This isn’t only rainstorms and floods; it’s pollution levels skyrocketing, global warming, and all sorts of different environmental issues that are starting to catch like the yellow fever in the 1900’s. I think that we should all be more aware of the world around us, because we are lucky we were fortunate to have it.

[Brisbane, Fast, First]

Floods in Gympie
Flickr, Photo by: yewenyi

Rainforest’s In Puerto Rico

It was a beautiful, sunny day in San Juan. At first waking up at 7am did not appeal to me, as it was a day of break, a day of sleeping in and junk food. My parents had a different perspective obviously as we are hiking up a rainforest. I was flabbergasted at the sight, the greenery scattered throughout the land, shadowing over us, keeping us cool, away from sunburns and ridiculous tan lines. I had worn my swimsuit hearing that there was a waterfall at the end of the road. I was the first to arrive considering that I sprinted my way through downhill ramps.

As we were nearing the waterfall, the sound slowly started making its way towards my ears, soothing my mind. When I caught my first glimpse at the flowing water falling into the large pool of the remains. The water clear and calm, pulling in my attention. I immediately jump into the water from one of the tallest cliffs I could find. It probably wasn’t the smartest idea due to the rocks, but I managed to find a clearing. Not to mention the endless amount of people surrounded in the shallow end. I made sure to find somewhere people weren’t already hogging. Standing underneath the waterfall shower head, my adrenaline was so high, almost as if I were winning a gold medal in the Olympics. My siblings were all in with me and we were laughing about the stupidest things, not to mention the endless smoke bombs that we would throw around each other just to mess around.

Being the crazy adventurous person my brother is, he starts climbing up some rocks that look like they would start an avalanche any second, and being the wacky sidekick, I follow him up. We were what you would consider the troublesome duo. The one that you would be petrified to have in your class, scared that we would pull some prank on you. This time it was my parents being worried. Climbing up those slippery, slimy rocks was like trying to rock climb up a steep mountain, without any gear on. We were slipping and sliding on the pieces of moss that tangle into your toes as you walk over them. The day soon ended, and before we knew it, we were at the New Years pool party with various other teenagers that got sent here.It was a beautiful, sunny day in San Juan.

Photo by trishhartman, Flickr