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Among the Hidden Good or Bad?

Imagine if you’re family weren’t aloud to have more then 2 children? Imagine if you had to hide all your life? Well for Luke he doesn’t have to imagine it, he lives it. Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson-Haddix, a book where you get to see the life of a child who has been in the shadows his whole life, never even met anyone outside his family. Until one day he sees another lonely face in a house he was sure both children and adults had left. That’s when he gets suspicious.

Luke a secluded child, misunderstood. His family doesn’t know much, he doesn’t either, because of that situation, and he sleeps alone in the attic, can’t eat dinner in the same room as his parents, and can’t ever leave. Then there’s Jen, a Baron. Someone who can pay people to do things, who have knowledge, who knows too much for her own good. She can do anything she wants. Margaret Peterson-Haddix is genius for making it so that we can see what two of the same people are living like. She shows us clearly what money can do, what knowledge can do, what an education can do. She shows us about poverty, about how much poverty can affect someone and their life. They both are living illegal lives but because Luke is under the poverty line, he lives a tougher, more confined life. I, for one think that she should’ve made Jen a more static character, you see her and she’s this person who tells you a lot about her life in a short period of time. I feel like if Peterson-Haddix added more suspicion and curiosity to Jen’s life, people would be on the edge of the seat whenever Jen is around.

What I saw the theme was poverty and government. This story based on a true dystopia, something more than just a utopia with some minor things they can work out. A dystopia that she wanted to inform us about. Her main theme was to tell us about the different things that Barons, or people who are above the poverty line, can do or know. This happens in the real world to but we are oblivious to it because what we don’t see isn’t a constant thought on our minds, but with her, she informs us even more, which I think is a great thing. She puts it in a way where we would have to read between the lines to really understand what she is doing. My opinion is that she has a real clever way of getting us to understand the purpose and the theme of the book. Another theme is to stand up in what you believe in, to act upon it. The author does great with showing it to us by the characters; we can really picture, and imagine the theme with ease.

Overall, I can say that this book is a great book; the theme is clear and shown. It’s intriguing, and each time you just want to keep reading. Peterson-Haddix obviously showed her skills as an author. She told us about an adventure that two kids where willing to risk everything for. I thought that I could really picture everything. It was like you were on the adventure with them, not just someone reading the story, understanding the whole story. You feel so wrapped up in it, which you just want to know what happens next and read on to the next book in the series, but the ending is suspected. So I can honestly say that I would definitely give this book a 4/5.