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Did I Find the Bass, or Sheila Mant in My Poem?

found poem

The found poem I wrote from the story, “The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant“, by W.D. Wetherell, was all written from the last page of this story. The poem is based on the conflict, how it was an internal conflict, and how the choice affected him. In the story, the conflict is his decision of cutting the rope and getting the girl, or losing the girl but getting the bass. The first stanza explaining how hard this conflict is to him, and the second stanza explains his choice, and the third his feelings. My pictures that I drew were based on the text, and one side of the heart is more red then the other, showing that he had more feeling in his heart for Sheila (hence the color matching her hair), and the other side is more of a faint red, showing how faint his heart beats for the bass. On the top it shows a boy in a canoe, entering a large wave, showing his struggle. That’s just how my poem works out.