Family or Country: The Game of Greed

I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.” – Winston Churchill. In the story, a fight over the choice of Family, Money or Country comes in to play. But the problem is that we sometimes want all of them. But if we want them all, we’re playing the game of greed with the devil. Like the title examples, the theme of the story is Greed. I wanted to create a moody background to show the greed in the book, since most of the time greed is represented by darkness and shame.  Also I added the cash there to represent the Greed shown in the book. The Rifle and Pistol refer to the fact that he was in the SAS and his job of serving his country. The toys represent the fact that he has a family, just like most of us. He is no different than us, he has a life back home, a family and hobbies. The Darkness in cover shows the fear that Matt has in the story. Overall I wanted to let the reader have a moody and dark feeling at their first look at the book.



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