Goal: Our goal was to create a music video, possibly including a dance routine.

What I learned: I learned a lot about what it takes to make a music video. It takes great commitment and cooperation to make something so special. I also learned about being an actress, having to retake a scene several times, including or cutting some of the scenes, and learning to be positive throughout the process. I learned about editing. Editing was a big part of our video, from muting the video to choosing the best filter, cutting or making it slower so it would fit to the beat. Lastly, I learned about friendship. I spent the entire day making something so unique with my best friend. We thought of ideas with each other, helping one another when times are hard, and sticking with each other no matter what. This was indeed an incredibly experience.

What went well: Although there were a few complications throughout the process, there were many things that went well. The filming and preparation process went pretty smooth. Once we started, we got it through pretty quickly. The editing process was also easy once we got the hang of it.

What I would do differently if I am able to do it again: I would probably think it through a little better. We wasted some time on things that could’ve done beforehand. (setting, clothing etc.)