I finished our project together with Justin Jeon and James Park. Throughout the day, we had created a tutorial for the game Cat Mario. We recorded all six levels while explaining every detail in the game. Then putting all six parts into one video adding subtitles and soundtracks in order to make our video interesting and attractive. I chose the topic of making a game, more specifically Cat Mario because of many reasons. Personally, I think gaming is fun, but creating a game seems more interesting to me. Even though I did not necessarily create a game, but we created a game tutorial for the game – Cat Mario. Additionally, the game Cat Mario has a lot of traps, many people may need support in order to go through all levels.



Therefore, we created a tutorial of the game Cat Mario. I did two levels out of the six levels (level 2 & 5) and helped edit details in the video. The most important part of the day to me is the stage of recording. Because it is challenging to explain the same time while trying not to fail. Alternatively, if you don’t “die”, you can’t really explain clearly of where the traps are. The day was good for me. Because the time was just enough to finish recordings of all levels and edit it into a video. Also, I enjoyed the process throughout the day. I was really proud the time when we finished our video. Because it felt really good to watch all the work we did throughout the day. Most importantly, throughout the day, I learned how to collaborate more efficiently and to do more work while collaborating together. Overall, the day was really pleasant and I really enjoyed it.