We decided to play badminton and teach people how to do Badminton. Sangyoon was going edit and film, Nicky and Siwoo will be the athletes and I will be the narrator. We are going to film ,Singles Rule,Doubles Rule,BackhandFootwork,ForehandFootwork,andDrive,and finally helping.


We practiced and warmed up with Ms.jo she told us the foot work and smash. I am going to tell the rules as the narrator ,Nicky and Siwoo is practicing and Backhand,forehand. To play in the videos like they did the 6 points in the court and how to hit it.


We practiced with Ms.jo on Drive,Backhand,and serve.  She also told me how to smash at the back as well.I did theVoice over on the double and single rules and how to serve and what they do after they get the points.


It was hard when we want every thing together and make the into a video.we finshed every thing but it was too short so we had to do every thing we could do to make it more longer. We also had hard time doing the voice over because it took a lot of time to write it down. Also it was hard for the camera to be in place because we went to get the tripods but they won’t let us use it. The things that went well was that the six points and the voice over was done very well.but still it was really hard to put them together. I think it was really fun but still it was fun.