I planned on making a solid perfume, a lip balm, and a flubber soap. Turns out I actually made a solid perfume, 4lip balms, 2 soaps, 1 flubber soap, and a bath bomb! I am very proud of the things I made, so much more than I thought.

One of the challenges I faced was I couldn’t help but make a mess, but if I did it again I would make sure to get one done, and clean some, get another one done, and clean. This would make the cleaning a lot easier for me at the end. I really enjoyed it and I learned lots of new ways to make skincare things.

My bath bomb:

My solid perfume:

My lip balms:

My soap:

My flubber soap:

I feel like Diy products are better than store bought products because it is unique. It is your own but store bought has a lot of the same thing and everyone who buys it has the same kind. When it is homemade you know what is in it since you are the one who made it, so you are sure that it is non-toxic and clean.