For One Day 2018, I was in the Curious Garden – Make Your Own Terrarium group. I selected this option as I had heard of terrariums before, but never made one myself. It was not my first choice, but I knew it was fun making one.

Here is the plan for the terrarium:

I learned that terrariums are very beautiful even though they may take a long time to make if it is your first time. They are very hard to not do well, as long as you try to make them look a little nice. I also learned that they are very resilient ecosystems that don’t need a lot of sunlight and only need water every week. They are healthy for the environment, as the plants┬áproduce oxygen through photosynthesis. Around the world, pollution levels are increasing and more plants to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide is very useful. These terrariums look nice, do not need a lot of care, and help the environment. They are amazing pieces of art.

Bill and I made an iBook talking about making terrariums and how to care for them:

These are the two terrariums that I created: