Emily’s Skincare Line:

Taylor, Bessy, and Chaeyoung, and I worked together to make amazing body products. We created Bath Bombs, Facial Scrub, Lip Balm, and Home-made soap. During this process, we had to infer and change according to the boundaries of materials that we had in-store. I hope you will and see our amazing ONE DAY experience. During this process, we faced quite a few challenges in the creation of the skincare products. We had a really small quantity when we made the first batch of soap. Because of that, we had to make a lot more. Even though that doesn’t sound like a problem it is because we had to use more ingredients and that affected the number of ingredients for our other products. When we were in the midst of completing this project I learned many things. I learned that you don’t have to run to the store, instead, you can make your own supper organic, 100% organic skincare products. This really influenced me to make sure that I keep all products organic. I loved this project so much. I think that if I could choose to do something different I would add a little bit less oil into the soap so that the smell would not be that intense.

I hope you love our products!!

This is the soap:

This is the face scrub:

This is the Lavender facial scrub that we made

These are the bath bombs:

And finally this is the lip balm: