Today is one day. Me and my group is working on a roll playing game. What is a roll playing game you might (not) ask, a roll playing game is a game that you make actions for the character you chose. Me and Bill is in charge of the story plot, Leon did the map and buildings, Francis is setting the boss and Austin created the characters. The game is called the mystery island(I do not like this name).  The Map on the bottom is the map we are using. At first we was going to draw the map our selfs, but none of us has any art skills so we found a  picture on line and we changed the Chinese name in to english names. The screenshot  is the rough draft  of the story plot, me and Bill was doing that. All the monsters is the bosses in different land scape and it is found by the group. The picture that has two students in it is me and Austin, we were working on the characters. that is what we did in ONEday.


This is the character sheet


  1. Wolfgang

Health: 300 when not starving (150)

Attack damage: 20 (5)

TIP: Starving speed is three times faster. It will lose HP and damage.

Weapons: swords

Notice Role: 3+

Dodge Role: 5+

Damage Role: 5+

  1. Robot WX-78

Health: 200

Attack damage: 10

TIP: Lose HP while raining, after raining (no matter how much raindrops), lose 20HP each round and when hit by lightning double damage and speed for tworounds

Weapons: any

Notice Role: 2+

Dodge Role: 5+

Damage Role: 4+

  1. Blake

Health: 150

Attack damage: 0

TIP: Can make magic books (VERY powerful), can only eat fresh food in order to not lose HP.

Weapons: cannot use them

Notice Role: 4+

Dodge Role: impossible

Damage Role: no damage

  1. Lola

Health: 75

Attack damage: 10 ,  30 is with weapons

TIP: Two times faster than normal character

Weapons: bows and arrows

Notice Role: 2+

Dodge Role: 4+

Damage Role: 4+

  1. Abagail

Health: 200

Attack damage: 10,  25 is with weapons

TIP: Can only eat meat, can make weapons for team.

Weapons: spears

Notice Role: 3+

Dodge Role: 4+

Damage Role: 4+


  1. Kursus

Health: 1250

Attack damage: 80

  1. Frieth

Health: 2000

Attack damage: 50

  1. Kurdis

Health: 2700

Attack damage: 70

  1. Frogman

Health: 100

Attack damage: 10

  1. Mactusk

Health: 150

Attack damage: 20

  1. Dwarfs

Health: 100

Attack damage: 10


  1. Snow scepter Attack damage: 200 TIP: Boss can only attack in two rows
  2. Bows and Arrows Attack damage: 75
  3. Swords Attack damage: 20
  4. Spears Attack damage: 25 


  1. Wooden armour -30% damage
  2. Iron armour -40% damage
  3. Crystal armour -50% damage


  1. Berries survive for one round
  2. Carrots survive for two rounds (add five health)
  3. meats survive for three rounds (add ten health)
  4. mushroom add fifteen health
  5. frog gland add twenty health