Hills background

Three Sentences that Describe My Project

My project was about making a challenging Mario type 2D platformer game that contains map trolls and Easter eggs. None of our teammates (including me) knew how to program so we split up our roles. I and another person were to draw up the maps while the last person was to and learn how to program then using what he had learned to program the game. We had to use our imagination a lot (except the person programming) because we had to think about all of the map designs (which all had to be interesting.


Two Sentences About Why I Chose the Topic

I chose the task because the task was somewhat my interest and the idea of finishing a game and being able to play it appeal to me. I also liked created a map with trolls since it gave me a chance to push my imagination to the limit and see what I can come up with by myself.

What I Did

On the Oneday of 2018, we created a 2D platformer that is similar to Mario and my role in the group was to draw up the background for the entire level. In the end, we couldn’t finish our game because we found out our coding program didn’t have the correct version. For the most of the day, I just drew maps and occasionally checked on how the coding was going. After I finished, I felt really tired and I was really sad that the video game couldn’t be published since I had some interesting ideas for the game. However, I did feel proud of the map backgrounds that I drew. Even though they are not the prettiest backgrounds, I still felt good about them since I finished for of them and they are better then my usual drawings.