My group members: Felix Li, Felix Zhu, Eric Wang, Micheal Xiao, Lao Jiang

What we are doing: We are teaching kids how to do football skills at all levels.

We started at 8:30 and we are finished with the planning stage and start the create stage. We chose two different skills for each level for the planning stage.

It is 10:20 now and we filmed all the skills from beginner to advanced. I did the two-foot touch skill and the Elastico. One is the beginner and the other one is intermediate.  I didn’t think that the skills were really hard because I did them before.  The challenge was keeping the group on track and on task, but I think we still did pretty well. We still have to do the other filming because we only did the main skills and editing all the videos.

It is Lunchtime now and the two videos below are the two skills I did and I succeed in both. We have to edit after lunch and then we are done.



After Lunch, we started editing the video and will be done at 2:30. The editing process went pretty smooth without any disruptions. I hope this will teach other kids about these six skills. Our final product is below:

If we had more time, should have gone through the video and made it more clear for people that don’t really know a lot about football.