During the project, our group, ‘Genesis’ danced to 2 different K-Pop song Sangri-La by VIXX and Crazy by 4minute. We decided to do this project because all of us like to dance to K-Pop songs and we feel more like us when we dance to the same choreography as each other.

To start of our project, we had to choose the songs we are going to dance to. In the beginning, we chose a song that was more energetic and addictive. However, when we went through the first minute of the song, we realized this song wasn’t challenging at all for us. We went through the minute of the song in 40 minutes. To make OneDay more interesting and challenging for us, we decided to dance to 2 different songs with different style of music which had difficult choreography. Then, we made the mashup of the 2 songs. With all of the music and the choreography video ready, we started to learn the dance.

The first song, Sangri-La by VIXX is a song that is about a boy expressing his love towards the girl that he likes by telling her that she is his day and night and he needs her in his deep heart too. With this kind of lyrics, the mood of the song become more peaceful and elegant feeling. On the other side of the hand, our second song which was Crazy by 4minute was a song about a girl that shows off and tells people what she is an awesome girl that would make anyone crazy with her and fall in love with her. With the lyrics mostly being about crazy, the song is really powerful. The 2 different songs have a complete different mood which gives a huge impact to the audience.

As a final product, we performed to the whole ‘Just Dance’ crew our final dance. This is the performance we did:

During the whole OneDay project, we learned how to dance to different moods of the song at once.