My one day’s biggest challenge was of the finding a rule about the game we made. We made a game which was smaller than origin game, so it was hard to change the rule. Also, biggest success was that I finished that thing. What we learned is that it takes lots of time and it’s hard to make an even a small game. At future, I think we can make more card and make more like the original game.

Yesterday, we made the rule of games  and cut the cards for the game. I had the role of having the part of the design and the printing of the cards and the major event of the day was the cutting the cards it take us about 2~3 hours to do that. Actually my day was pretty hard and boring before finishing the cards. We didn’t expect that we will run out of card covers. The proud moment was after we finished all the cards and played once. It made me proud because it took us long to make the card and it means we did it. We learned that even a small game takes lots of time