For One Day I really wanted to customize a shoe. I wanted to make it look “hype.” I tried to get a lot of the brand names in. Most of these brands like SUPREME or Offwhite simply put a zip tie or even their name on the shoe. The price of the shoe can go up to $3,000. Originally, I really wanted to use Vans. But Tony told me it would be harder to paint on the Vans. Also, the Vans cost more 500 yuan, so I chose a pair of 300 kuai Nike Air Force Ones. Originally, my idea to customize it was like this:





On One Day, everything was set and I planned out everything perfectly. One thing hindering me was the fact of the format of the shoe. The format of the shoe allowed for less surface area for the Louis Vuitton stencil. I also wanted to cut off the strap on the shoe, but the strap appeared to be sewn on to the actual shoe. Upon trying to cut out the stencil, I realized it would be physically impossible for me and that I should’ve bought a proper one. There were too many nooks and crannies that the Exacto knife couldn’t reach without tearing the paper. I ended tracing and drawing the design. I decided to make the shoe more personalized rather than hyped. Even with the easier route to complete the shoe I still feel like I made tons of sloppy mistakes.  I feel like if I had another time,  better materials, and a better focus, I  definitely could’ve made my original idea come to life.