Map 3 I draw

Map 2 I draw

Map 1 I draw

Oneday reflection:

Today our team planned to make a 2D shooting game, and I was designing map for game. There was no challenges when I was making map, but the biggest problem was no one could help Isaac when he needed help. In our group, no one knew about coding/programing except for Isaac, so when he needed help, no one could help him. Therefore, we were not able to finish everything.

The great success was that the robot actually moved.

This can be a good lesson that teaching us you should not try to make a game if you do not have professional information about it

For the future steps, I would study more about coding/programming and will continue the process.


3 Sentences that describe your project:┬áLessons from failure, never try making game if you don’t know about coding/programming, Nothing can be more valuable than knowledge

2 sentence about why you chose that project: When I play game, I always had some complains about games, so I wanted to make my own perfect game. And also, making a new game is an interesting topic to try, so I chose this project.