Goal: My goal is to build a race truck that can go over the ramp of the roller coaster

At first, I cut out a foam board 2cm smaller than the track in width. But It was so wide that the wheels would go on top of the boarder. It had 3 Coke cans hot glued to the top of the car because I thought it looked cool like that.

Some of the problems and challenges I faced was that the car that I made wouldn’t go over the second ramp because it didn’t have enough weight. I later glued another piece of wood to it and it went much closer to making it over the ramp but still didn’t go over. The wheels would also fall off the car because the way it was assembled.

When I realized that my car had no chance to go over the second rap, I made a last-minute car with Jeffery called The Bike Devil. We made it so it looked like a motorcycle with two wheels in the front and two wheels in the back with a water bottle glued in the middle for weight. We then stuck two wood boards to the side of the bottle so that the bottle wouldn’t fall off. It was Jeffery’s idea to make the motorcycle but I was the one who assembled it and made some changes.