For OneDay 2018 I decided to do stop motion, why, just because the SCIENCE of stop motion is so fascinating, and you can make cool stuff with by just taking a series of pictures and show the pictures one by one with a short delay between each picture, and the

JellyCam, an open source free software designed for all platforms to make stop-motion

pictures will seem like its moving, like in the magic movies (Harry Potter? They had magical newspapers, right?)


The tool I am using to make the stop-motion movie is Jellycam V4, which is an open source free computer software that is compatible with all common platforms.

If you’re new to stop motion (I mean like, completely new, like, you don’t know anything about it. I’m still pretty new compared to the other people that chose to do stop motion for OneDay2018) its basically so that you take a lot of pictures, play them in quick succession, and your eyes see the pictures as moving, here is an example



As you can see with each frame i move my finger a little bit, so that when you play it there wont be that much jerkiness in the frames

This is the end result.

There should be a video above here, if you don’t see it, try refreshing the page or watch it here

Since this was an example, I had to do this quickly, so I duplicated some frames instead of actually making more (sorry.)

de wae the way that I am going to make this stop-motion movie is using whiteboards and draw the scenes frame by frame, and the genre of this stop-motion is probably going to be memes (sorry, but memes actually cure depression).  I already planned to use the “お前はもう死んでいる” (You are already dead) meme and the Overwatch “I need healing” meme.

The stop-motion turned out not so funny on its own but with added memes, it’s 200x funnier

The stop-motion is about a stick figure that is assigned to assassinate some guy.

You can watch it here or below if it doesn’t show up