Caged Heart

On One Day, I made a beautiful cage surrounding a girl and her fantasies. Everything I make comes from my heart. My artwork is a visual display of my emotions, and what I think the world has become.

“Caged Heart” represents how we are often deceived by our surroundings, all masked as the fantasies we desire. Our hearts are wrapped in an indestructible steel cage. But, that cage that limits us to do great things, to think with a kind heart, is disguised as something beautiful, something that will offer us money, offer us happiness.

The majority of us is bought into thinking that happiness is money, that happiness could be bought. Happiness is not the new Chanel bag you got or the new Mercedes-Benz your dad bought you…Happiness is something offered by life, something everybody deserves to have.

Happiness, or what seems like happiness is addictive. You want that feeling so much that once is not enough. Soon, you start demanding more. And when you don’t it, you start throwing a tantrum, because you long the feeling of joy, of that like feeling in your heart when you see what new things your parents have bought you.

The cage around the girl and her fantasies is laced with gold, with light, delicate butterflies perfectly positioned on the hideous metal is what hides the ugly truth.

The girl in the cage is peppered with expensive jewels, with designer tutus, with more and more dresses, jewels in her daydream…But she is not free, she is not truly, utterly, happy.

Her money get her tutors to make her smarter. Her money buys her dresses that make her for once, beautiful. Her makeup hides the repulsive mess her face is. At the end of the day, she has to take off her designer clothes, her expensive makeup, she has to make her head rest of the useless knowledge that will get her nothing but good grades than a good college, then a good, successful, happy, life; and face what she is–a worthless, spoiled, miserable child with nothing but a sad, caged heart.

People’s longing for happiness has made them greedy, has made them green with envy. But, once upon a time, everybody cared. Everybody had real emotions, everybody had experienced real, true happiness. True happiness is this raw feeling that you never know, never feel, until you experience it.

I hope “Caged Heart” changed the way people view things the way people see things. I hope “Caged Heart” will unlock the happiness that everybody has in their heart, and make them realize what they’ve been missing out on in the world.


Making of cage




End Product