Kelly, Eric, Erick, and I started with the idea to make a movie, a thing we are truly passionate about. We found out shortly after that, two days before one day, that you cannot have more than 2 people in a group. This is a huge problem as the movie we planned needed at least 6 or more.

By this time, it was kind of too late to change our idea completely, and since our script was half-done at this point, we just wanted to get it finished. Unexpectedly, the day before One Day, the teacher accepted our group task and we are back on track. I did half the script, Eric and Kelly did the other half, I prepared the props and the camera equipment, and the day came.

Unfortunately, our original plan didn’t include the independent variables. Our camera battery was not charged, so we had to seise our project for half an hour, our tripod broke, so the video quality dropped by a ton, our interest went low after records. By this point, we encountered many problems, all we can do without. But, the most vital and crucial problem is that Daniel quit our group, along with David.

This is the most crucial error in our plan. We cannot change the script anymore, and this sudden-quit set our whole project off target. We needed them for their roles, and there is no way now to find a replacement. We need to find something fast, and that’s what we did. We ended up borrowing them for an hour, squeezing all the scenes with them in a short period of time. This made the video quality a lot worse, and some scenes needed to be cut so the story might not have a logical formation anymore.



This is the period of time where everything was okay. We filmed our scenes with the borrowed Daniel, and Elgin, and did ACT 1 – ACT 3. It wasn’t as smooth as we thought, but it was okay compared to what happened afterward. We weren’t lazy and at the start of the day, everyone was energetic.


The acts are a lot shorter to film with only for people, but we persevered and made some improvisations. Improvisations include: Shortening clips and scenes, wearing masks to make stunt-doubles, and using the camera to not show mistakes. The crew is starting to go a little bit agitated, but all-in-all, and okay period, and we only did one act. We are hoping to speed up our process along the day.



We didn’t even finish one act. We used fake blood to do the injuries, but it caused a lot of problems. We needed to clean up after ourselves, and it was a hard task. A group member wants to go upstairs and take it easy, but we convinced him to stay. We are very agitated but continued to film nevertheless. (Started ACT 4)



We ended up cutting a lot of scenes, but at least the filming got done on time. We ended up cutting all the flashbacks, theories, and all the unnecessary bits. We head upstairs, a little tired of one another. (Finished ACT 4 and ACT 5



We started editing but soon found out we couldn’t finish on time. So we went 180 degrees and edited the bloopers instead.



We edited the video, but couldn’t get it out by the next day because it was too much to render and our computers often would crash because the video quality was too good for our computers. To give you an idea, a video is about a gigabyte.


But at the end of the day, we truly learned how hard it is to make a good movie, along with how to film, make a script, edit and export. Over all, I would rate it a good learning experience.