For OneDay I chose to work in the stop motion movie making group with Erick, Kelly and Ganggang. I really wanted to produce a film with our idea and input in it. Our plan was to make a horror, action and comedy type of movie.




We worked on a script the day before OneDay and  we were all happy with it. It was about a group of boys going into a abandoned school finding out that there is a murderer and solving the mystery themselves. Also on this same day we prepared the camera and props that we needed for the movie. We got fake blood, old clothing and a fake knife.

Then on OneDay we had people leaving the group and realized that we didn’t have enough people to do the filming and acting. So because of the lack of people we had people playing multiple roles which made the movie very confusing. I did most of the filming while the others did the acting. Because we had to borrow people from other groups, we had to change our schedule of filming to make it convenient for the people we were borrowing. So the schedule looked like this.


The first scene of the movie we didn’t need much people and it was very easy  to film so we pushed it near the end of the day.


In the morning we went outside and filmed our entering the abandoned school part of the video. There I played myself but also the filmer. We had people jumping on tall walls and going through it. This was very successful as it was the morning and everyone was energetic. Near 9 we went into a dark hallway and found the first dead body of the movie. We applied fake blood to make it more realistic.

In the afternoon we did the action part of the movie, we had a fight between Kelly and Erick Chen. During filming we encountered a problem where the battery of the camera died. Fortunately we were able to get another battery that was full.

At the end of the day, I really enjoyed filming and making the video from scratch. I got to experience things that I never got to before. I got glance into how much effort and time goes into film making. I overall think it was a great learning experience.