I learned a few things during Oneday. I learned that I can use different items to decorate an object. I also learned that I have to be careful with hot glue because I might get burned. What really challenged me is gluing the cloth onto the caps because I have to decorate the cap at the same time not make it harder to screw on and off. Also, I took half of my time to sort all the M&M colours. When I was gluing on the buttons it was easy to get burned because they had holes in the middle for the glue to leak out.  If I can redo this project I would buy more decorations and try to think of more creative ways to decorate the jars, at the time I couldn’t buy anything from Taobao so I didn’t have a lot of materials to decorate the outside of my jar. what I regret during my One day PRoject is gluing too much button on the jars and not buying enough M&M. s. ]