On ONEDAY, I worked with my partner Leon in the group of stop motion movie making. During the process of making to movie, we had some problems, at first I thought that making a stop motion movie was pretty easy, but when we started to make the real movie, I knew that I was totally wrong, in 6 hours of time, two people only made a 17 second video. Also I was late to so we didn’t have a lot of time together to finish the work. but still at last the movie was awesome!

Me and Leon decided to make a movie about pollution, so first, there was a creature standing at the window, the air was clean, the grass was green, every thing was perfect,but then the wrecking crew came destroyed all the houses and then started to build factories and hight buildings, then the sun was gone, the air was polluted, there was no green in the city, then the creature when to wash its hand, when he turned on the faucet the water was brown, he cried, he wanted to do something, so he walked back to the window, turned into an angle, spread out many seeds and stopped all the factories  and then the city started to grow grass, the air was clean again, the sun was bright again the grass was green again. The idea was different to the first design, in the first design we wanted to use clay to do the creature, be we thought that was too hard so we used all white board and white board marker.

here is the start>

here is when the wrecking crew came>

here is when the city was polluted>

here is when the the water turned brown and the creature cried>

here is when the creature turned into an angle>

here is when he spreads the seeds>

here is when the city was clean again>


the end>