Tyrant and Dungeons

We came up with a game for One day. It’s a choose your own adventure mixed with Dungeons and dragons. It still needs finishing touches but is overall completed. This worked out between us and had all our interests combined. It was easier to do and think about. I would add a rulebook and label more things. I worked with Ryan and Musung. We had a physical map.

We had a conflict about the map, but it worked. We still need finishing touches, but I believe it is almost finished, we just need scenarios and to label things. Our idea was good.

I liked finishing the map by myself. My role was to be an artist and I succeeded.

Our story was about protagonists who would have to journey. Our game was finished but needed more explaining as well as a label and a scenario sheet. We also could have had a rulebook and more character sheets.



Musung working 

WIP on the map


finished map