For one day, I decide to make a cartoon stop motion on white board. I’ve never tried stop motion before, and I think it is a good time to try new things. All I need is a white board, a marker, and an eraser. I’m going to try to make a short movie of a caterpillar translation :)what i basically did was to get the materials i needed and research was the theme or what i want it to be about.

I learned a lot during One day. I Learned how to make a stop motion, theirs this Jelly Cam thing that you can use to make stop motion, stop motion is actually very easy, all you do is to take a picture of what you’ve drawn or did. Then change it a little bit then take the picture and do it a couple of timesĀ  to make it look like it is moving. At last, you put them together and theirs your final project!

you see, this movie is quite short. Next time I would do this better by adding more theme into it to make it look longer.