Nick and I are doing soccer tutorials. We are doing tutorials for shooting and dribbling. We are doing tutorials for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Right now we are planning what we are going to do and when we are going to do it.

In the past hour we have been doing beginner and intermediate shots, and now I am going to start editing the three videos that we have taken. Nicolas is going to continue working on the beginner shots while I am editing the videos. We are on track because we planned to be where we are at about this time.

In the past hour and a half Nick and I took two new videos because the old ones weren’t clear enough, and now we have started editing.



Nick and I have finished all of the filming and are almost done with the editing. We need to add about two more sections to our iMovie and then render it and then we’ll be done





I thought that doing everything on time was a bit difficult because coming into the day we didn’t know how long everything would take. Our original plan was to do both basketball and soccer shots and only have one hour to edit, but we soon realized that that was unrealistic.


I liked that we got freedom to choose what we wanted to do. I also liked the process of it.


I’m hoping that people that have just started playing soccer can use this. I think that they could use it when they are training by themselves.