Truthfully, I was didn’t really have a reason to why I chose to draw what I drew. I was fretting about what to draw one night, and I just got this sudden inspiration to make a comic on terraforming mars. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to finish. I went off my plan, and kind of made up the story as I went along. As for the drawings themselves, I thought they came out okay. I had to change my stickmen spacesuits because they were taking too long to draw, but the rest weren’t too hard to draw. I learned that making comics takes up surprisingly large amounts of time, much longer than I had originally thought. In the 6 hour time period we had yesterday, I only managed to draw 3 pages of comics, 1 of which barely counted for it was just a picture. Overall, I was pretty satisfied with my comic, even if I only made 3 pages and didn’t finish the whole comic.  Comic Page 1 

Comic Page 2

Comic Page 3