This year, for OneDay I was in the category Top Chef. I was really excited to be in Top Chef, because this is what I wanted to do since last year. For our planning, we had to plan 3 of our dishes. The first dish was a breakfast dish. My group decided to do Eggs Benedict. Our second dish was a chicken parmesan sandwich. Our third dish was cake with deep fried ice cream cookie sandwiches. Ms Wise was also going to give us a mystery ingredient. We would have to adapt to the ingredient in all of our dishes. On the day, the mystery ingredient that our group was randomly assigned was Lemons. We were really excited about this, because lemon was something that we could incorporate in all of our dishes. All of our dishes had one problem. In the first dish, the Hollandaise sauce turned into an omelette. However, we managed to whip it up and turn it back into a sauce. It was really lemony, but it stilled worked. In the second dish, with 60 minutes on the clock, we decided to make a salad. It was really lemony but still worked. For our 3rd dish, in the last 30 minutes I decided to make a merengue, but it didn’t whip in time. It still managed to get on the plate though, and it was fine. The Ice Cream couldn’t deep fry, so we had to serve it cold. I had a really fun time, and we made a video to recap some of it.