We know that quite a couple of us like math, we like to compete in math, and we always do math tests that we complete in the end.
Can’t there be a math test that you just can’t pass? Where you only get further but it gets too hard and you eventually lose?
That’s what inspired me to make the “Impossible Math Challenge”

I decided to start programming it with a programming language called PYTHON, it is widely used to create games, and it is pretty straightforward.

However, I was overly ambitious about python, the bundle that I was using (Pygame 1.5) had an error on Mac that causes the new “blitted” image to crash. I had 600 lines written already, but I couldn’t manage to debug it.

Error: The error is due to the function called in lines 60-67, because it is not able to execute functions stored within functions or Game loops, in this case, the Main Loop. However I couldn’t find a way across because when I put the function outside of the game loop it is not able to execute within when it has to decide where my mouse clicked by importing the values (mousex, mousey) and since those values aren’t called with Global, Therefore (to me) I didn’t find a way to debug this, well at least for the duration of the day.

Before I gave up, Ms. Mai came and recommended me to do the

So I got started, collected some Kahoot Quiz Music, and started programming.

I made a simple Starting Prompt Module, with a fixed delay between the words (Left)

The Stage was attached to the main workflow by Functions, thus keeping the program non-reliant on the start button

The next problem I met was the fact that you can’t shut off a command that is running, unless you shut off the whole sprite’s current loops or functions. This issue caused me to not be able to shut off the player answering the question when the timer is out. Thus I created a double lock system (Right) and concepts are, if the time is up before the question loads, the question stops, if the player did not finish the question when the time stopped, the player’s answer would not count. An example of the system in use (Middle):

That’s Basically all of my program, It is not fully complete at this point as the questions are not fully added.

There is a chance of Extending this project and completing it in the future